TargetRecruit integrates with Talent Plus to streamline the pre-hire assessment and onboarding process


TargetRecruit, a leading provider of cloud-based staffing and workforce management apps, announces its integration with Talent Plus, a performance-based talent assessment tool that works primarily with healthcare, hospitality and retail. In addition to TargetRecruit’s own extensive, pre-hire and onboarding capabilities, Talent Plus’ award-winning structured interviews and online assessments are built with the highest degree of scientific rigor and integrity, and have shown strong relationships between interview results and business outcomes. Recruiters have the ability to assign specific assessments for each job posting that require candidates to meet certain criteria before moving forward in the next phase of the job application process. This integration targets interested and more qualified candidates right from the start.

There are two methods that typically work for our clients. First, applicants apply online via social sites or directly from the career page of the client’s website. From there, the applicant is taken to TargetRecruit’s custom portal where the client can manage and track the applicant’s stages and job postings. Once an applicant has clicked on the desired job posting, the portal directs the applicant to the customizable Talent Plus online assessment. Second method is for the recruiter to assign an assessment to a candidate who already exists within the TargetRecruit system, and usually occurs when there is an internal reference or through direct communication.

Based on the assessment score, the recruiter can quickly verify and rank the applicants’ capabilities –– if they are a good fit for the position, the applicant can move forward through the process and even skip through stages that may no longer be needed, reducing even more time spent on average to fill a position.

By having this integration in place, together TargetRecruit and Talent Plus can help recruiters and their clients make wise decisions in the selection and development of their teams. Everything is still tracked within the TargetRecruit platform, where clients can manage postings and automatically match resumes to qualified candidates while effectively and strategically moving through the hiring process.

“It was great working with our colleagues at TargetRecruit in order to build the integration between our systems. They’re an innovative team and working with them was an exemplary model of how using talented teams working together leads to a seamless candidate experience. The added value that our shared clients will experience allows them to properly use the scientific selection information from Talent Plus to enhance their real-time selection decisions from within TargetRecruit. We’re excited for this new experience and for continued growth,” according to Bill Kerrey, Chief Information Officer of Talent Plus.

“We are thrilled to integrate Talent Plus within our own pre-hiring and onboarding process to ensure we connect and match most interested and qualified candidates for our staffing and recruiting clients,” said Reena Gupta, CEO of TargetRecruit. “This partnership has allowed our clients to filter out those who don’t meet the requirements and provide the best possible match for not just the position, but also the company, in even less time than before. Furthermore, integrating our capabilities together has reduced manual work for our clients who previously managed and tracked information in two separate systems.”


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TargetRecruit is a leading Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM built on the platform and serves staffing and recruiting companies on nearly every continent. It is one of the most highly recommended recruiting applications on the application marketplace, AppExchange. Staffing and recruiting firms worldwide use TargetRecruit as their end-to-end recruitment solution because of the systems flexibility, mobility and ease of customization. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with global centers in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, India, Sydney, Australia, and Minsk, Belarus. For more on TargetRecruit, visit


About Talent Plus

Talent is a person’s capacity for near-perfect performance. Talent Plus is the leading partner in building and sustaining high-performing cultures through the assessment, development and engagement of talent. Talent Plus structured interviews and Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM) are built with the highest degree of scientific rigor and integrity. Over 6 million interviews and assessments as well as countless research studies conducted by Talent Plus have shown strong relationships between interview results and business outcomes. Established in 1989, Talent Plus is an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 30 languages. For more information, visit

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